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Phone Systems

Aria Digital and Voip Systems

Skyline Electrical Services is a registered LG aria reseller and recognises the importance of quality and affordable Telephone systems with the emphisis on tailoring requirements to suit the individual business. The Aria PBX incorporates all the latest features and with operational functionality designed from the user-perspective. Features are logical, simple to use and easy to remember.

We believe the telephone system should fit customers growing needs ,we accomplish this through comprehensive site audits which will further add to a smooth migration to the latest available telecommunications systems.

Skyline Electrical Services offers LG aria Digital key systems ranging from 4 to 60 exchange lines with 4 extensions to over 100 extensions available.

Integrated voice mail , Automated attendant , least cost routing and integrated DECT are just a few of the many features available to the aria range.

Whether it's simple features such as one-touch transfer or paging, or more advanced features such as call centre operation or computer telephony integration (CTI), the Aria delivers – at an affordable price.


Hybrex Digital Systems

Hybrex have a full range of easy to use systems with the latest technical requirements, Skyline Electrical Services are part of this dealer team / network, ensuring that your Hybrex telephone system will be installed and serviced in a highly professional manner